Ludum Dare Game Collection (2011-2014)

Posted on June 21st 2020

HTML5 Rocks!

I always loved the idea of building real-time games that could running directly in your Web browser.

Back in 2009, state of the art 2D/3D web applications required the installation of a third-party plugin such as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight or the (brand new) Unity3D Web Player to name a few.

HTML5 at the time was a novel technology with a very ambitious premise: standardize advanced technologies such as 2D/3D graphics, audio, networking (and more) as a set of Javascript APIs supported by all major web browsers.

In reality, the early HTML5 games using canvas for 2D graphics could barely run at framerate unless you had Google Chrome... but this didn't stop me from playing around with the technology and keep building small applications / games.

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a solo 48h game jam competition where thousands of developers compete online. Over the past few years, I made a total of seven games of all sort: platformers, puzzle-games, side-shooter and survival.

All of those games were made from scratch using Javascript & HTML5 tech/frameworks (canvas, WebGL, ThreeJS), art & audio are also custom (to some degree of success...). Each game can be played on Desktop with one click :)

Below is a "best-of" of my Ludum Dare entries from 2011 to 2014, ordered by popularity:

[2012] LD24 - Evolution

In this Tetris spin-off, a new game mechanic is being explored: What if the blocks were to change over time?

When scoring a line containing a green or red block, mutations will happen to the current block and modify its pattern. Review your strategies!

Arrow keys and spacebar to play.

[2013] LD26 - Minimalism

Puzzle/Platformer game where you have no hero: You need to solve the level using... the level itself.

Left click : Haunt a block.
WASD - Arrow keys : Move the possessed block.
(P to pause, M to mute, Right click to skip)

[2013] LD28 - You Only Get One

Using your mouse cursor, survive through a serie of 3 levels with increasing difficulty.

In the original version, previous games from other players were being displayed during your session to give the feeling of a multiplayer experience.

Move your mouse to play.

[2011] LD22 - Alone

Platformer game where you explore an obscure cave filled with mysterious memories.

Find powerups to progress further and discover all the secrets. Be careful not to stay too long under-water as the screen will dim darker and darker!

WASD - Arrow keys : Move.

[2012] LD23 - Tiny World

Cute side-scrolling shooter where you play a fly killing... other flies. Everything is this game is hand-drawn.

Power-ups will improve your shooting and enemies waves get tougher over time.

WASD - Arrow keys : Move.
Spacebar : Shoot.

[2014] LD31 - Entire Game on One Screen

Experimental game where you are a prisoner playing the same game over and over. This game is pretty boring and was mostly an excuse to write fun shaders 0:-)

Unfortunately, the TV screen has some issues and will affect the gameplay.

WASD - Arrow keys : Move.
Mouse : Look around.