Student Projects Archive (2010)

Posted on June 21st 2020

Good Old Student Times

On this page you will find a collection of my old student projects. To my own eyes, those projects once seemed pretty cool... but the truth is, they are no longer quite relevant!

I do find it fascinating to put things in perspective and make the effort to archive older projects in order to see where people are coming from.

Squick (Windows / Kinect)

Squick is a compilation of mini-games using Kinect for Windows.

This project was an interesting way to experiment with an atypical HMI device such as Kinect toward body-based gameplay.

We used XNA Game Studio and the official Kinect SDK (C#).

Samsara (Web / Flash)

Inspired by Limbo and Braid, this 2D platformer game presents a poetic story about dreams and life.

This game was written in Flash (AS3), all the graphics are custom, the musics are from independent artists offering music free of rights on Jamendo.